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Who We Are

We are a technology company creating a new digitally-driven economic ecosystem that serves everyone.

From governments and banks, to businesses and individuals, everyone can have real ownership and control of their digital assets. We provide digital things with the value preserving transferability of physical things and physical things with the liquidity of digital things to form a fluid, complete digital ecosystem.

TODAQ was born from a vision to enable a new way of doing things.

The TODAQ Ecosystem

It starts with TODA, a decentralized protocol for ownership management. It enables the secure and efficient creation, ownership, and transfer of meaningful digital assets, providing a transformational digital foundation from the bottom up. Anything can be put on the TODA Protocol: identity, goods, services, money... everything.

Our TODA-as-a-Service platform, TaaS, serves all sectors, giving direct access to TODA and providing unprecedented trust, efficiency, and interoperability to all enterprises, banks, and governments in building software for their businesses. And the future of their businesses.

Our customers & partners asked, so we created TDN – the TODA Note – a digital asset designed to offer a global, long-term and stable economic utility that is seamless, borderless and can be used for a truly broad variety of economic and market use cases.

The TODA Protocol belongs to the world, and your assets on TODA belong to you. The non-profit TODA Research Institute (TRIE) ensures that TODA is delivered to the world as open source, decentralized technology, and the STAR non-profit foundation manages the TDN program, its distribution, and its governance.


'SovTech’ means Sovereignty Tech: a technology-agnostic movement that aims to restore ownership and control of identity, assets, and data to all as a human right. Current centralized technology, social media, FinTech, and other platforms promise to provide convenience, mobility, and short-term savings, but come at the cost of the ownership of our personal data and assets.

SovTech comprises technologies which enable real ownership of digital assets and the transfer of such ownership, with all of the benefits and responsibilities - not just renting. TODAQ is a pioneer in this space, which is now host to an ever-growing assemblage of industries, communities, and individuals from across the spectrum.

Our Founders


Hassan Khan

Chairman & CEO

Toufi Saliba

Director & Co-Author – TODA Protocol

Dann Toliver

Director & Co-Author – TODA Protocol

Partners & Community

Over 25 industries across Asia, Middle East, Europe and the Americas choose TODAQ